About Us

Mark Giorgi – Chef
Mark relocated here from his home town of San Francisco in 2000. Bringing culinary knowledge and skills from that region of our country and combining them with southern cuisine creates a nice mix of menu items and flavors. All Around Town Catering can provide you with quality choices for any and all of your catering needs. Feel free to contact Mark to make your events spectacular.

CarrieRose Van Cleaf – Chef Attendant
CarrieRose is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such well-rounded culinary experts. In fact, she has only five years experience in the kitchen and claims that she has learned more in the last few months than she has throughout her entire culinary career. Out of the kitchen, CarrieRose is an eclectic mixed media artist who is currently enrolled at University of Alabama in Birmingham. She is concentrating on a double Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and Psychology, with a minor in Sociology. As a professional artist, she has shown in gallery spaces across the nation in well-known areas such as Santa Monica California, Boulder Colorado, and New Orleans Louisiana. Although born outside of Taos, New Mexico, she spent much of her childhood in Hawaii. With family living on many of the islands, she is always ready for the inspiration and soul searching that accompanies her beloved trips. CarrieRose enjoys many different mediums such as painting, tattoo work, and sculpture. Much of her recent work involves a process of salvage. Using found, everyday objects and materials that seem to have little to no value; she can re-configure and imply a temporary elevation of the status. The work is time-based and one can gain a sense of re-spliced dedication and purpose. As a mixed media artist she is able to incorporate a rich array of emotion based on the inherit language of the materials and consistency. In addition to creating artwork, CarrieRose is a mother of three beautiful young ladies. As a teacher, she is dedicated to teaching anyone who is willing to learn the foundations of conscious creativity. She has a way of helping people to see visual art as a way in which to relax as well as a way in which to become active contributors in their community. CarrieRose has worked directly with the Child Life Program out of Children’s Harbor at UAB, Breast Research Foundation of Alabama, as well as many community outreach programs such as Brother Bryan Mission and Guiding Light Shelter. As a senior paint instructor, she has taught hundreds of children and adult classes /workshops and will soon be working to promote a new line of instructional videos which can be purchased online by August of 2010.